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Partiels v1.0.6 - New Release

Hello everyone,

Partiels v1.0.6 is available! After a long period of discretion, the Partiels project is back to its development activity. These long months allowed me to get a lot of feedback, take a step back, and define the prospects for future work.

:point_right: Partiels Project

You will find in this new version many bug fixes, small improvements, and new features:

  • an output channel routing system (allowing among others to mute tracks),
  • a font management per track (in order to support other characters than those of the default font τι καλά νέα!),
  • a time range for exporting results (to export a subset of the analysis results),
  • and finally the long-awaited user manual (about 30 pages that will be completed and improved as new versions are released).


You can discover all the modifications in the change log. Do not hesitate to send me your feedback and especially on the user manual!

:warning: Important: macOS support starts now with 10.13 High Sierra and no longer with 10.10.

The short-term goals are to finalize the editing features (especially to draw curves and move markers), to extend the export features (to allow drag & drop from the application and the use of the operating system clipboard), and to improve the distribution of the Ircam Vamp plug-ins (to offer a single package for all plug-ins with Apple and Windows certifications).

For those who did not see the information, a test version of ASAP 1.1.0 is available! This version integrates the Pitches Brew transposition plug-in. The documentation has been updated with all the information you need to get started with the tools and you can find a new demo video!

:point_right: ASAP v1.1.0 - Test

Thank you very much for your participation!


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