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Partiels v1.0.4 - New Release

Partiels v1.0.4 has been released! The next step is the edition of the results data, development is progressing quickly on this!

Here is also the Manual - Audio Files Layout.pdf.


  • Fix: Installer on Windows does not write files correctly if the application has already been installed (#246)
  • Fix: The graphical theme is not initialized if a warning window appears on startup due to invalid audio settings (#245)
  • Fix: Floating windows can crash the app when closing on Windows (#244)
  • Imp: Rename Audio Reader Layout to Audio Files Layout (#243)
  • Fix: Application crashes when a plugin library cannot be loaded (#241)
  • Imp: Allow restoring the default parameter of a plugin if the initialization failed (#240)
  • Fix: Play alert sound when pressing the delete key in the plugin list panel (#239)
  • Add: Allow inserting several analysis tracks by selecting multiple items in the plugin panel (#238)
  • Imp: Hide channels button of properties if only one or no channel is available (#237)
  • Imp: Prompt to restore default audio settings when the current one is invalid (#236)
  • Fix: The properties’ number fields crops the value after two decimals (#235)
  • Fix: Using a negative block size or step size crashes the app (#234)
  • Fix: The names of the window types of frequency domain plugins are not well-formatted (#233)
  • Fix: Restoring the application in fullscreen mode at startup is not working (#232)
  • Imp: Messages of deleted/modified files can be too abundant and unclear (#231)
  • Fix: Look and feel not properly initialized when a plugin is in quarantine (#230)
  • Imp: Allow loading another plugin if the plugin library loading failed (#229)
  • Fix: A marker’s label is not visible if another marker is pasted after it (#227)
  • Fix: The changes of the zoom range of the track are not undoable (#226)