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Partiels v1.0.3 and IrcamBeat Vamp plugin v2 released

Partiels v1.0.3 and the IrcamBeat Vamp plugin v2 have been released!

Partiels v1.0.3 - Changelog:

  • Imp: Improve zoom interactions and shortcuts (#225)
  • Fix: The exporter panel doesn’t show default values when using it for the first time (#224)
  • Fix: Preset button of the track panel is not well updated when saving or loading presets (#223)
  • Fix: Loading a template using the start panel button displays warnings if an audio file is missing (#222)
  • Add: Automatic color mode to update the color mode based on OS mode (#221)
  • Fix: Group zoom reference should not be editable if there is no track (#220)
  • Fix: Group window properties should not display the channels layout if there is no track (#219)
  • Fix: Group window properties should not display background if a track is a spectrogram (#218)
  • Imp: New tracks should try to use the same channel visibility layout as the group they belong to (#217)
  • Imp: Add tooltips to properties sections (#216)
  • Imp: Access parameters of all tracks from the group properties window (#215)
  • Fix: Crash when modifying track properties (#214)
  • Fix: Remove the unnecessary grid option “Division Factor” (#213)
  • Imp: Double-click on the loop ruler selects between two markers even if the magnetism is off (use Cmd on macOS or Ctrl on Linux & Windows to select the global time range) (#212)
  • Fix: Launching the app with files (using open with… from the OS) doesn’t work (#210)
  • Imp: When quitting the application, warn the user that if an analysis is running (#209)
  • Fix: The factory preset is not selected by default in the track property window when the plugin uses a step size equal to the block size (#208)
  • Fix: HMSms field should apply changes if the focus is lost (#207)
  • Fix: Vertical zoom editor for tracks and groups not showing when control-clicking vertical ruler (#206)

IrcamBeat Vamp plugin v2 - Features:

  • Fix: The plugin blocks the application indefinitely when quitting (#28)
  • Fix: Windows installer application identifier (#26)
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I managed to install the new Vamp plugin, IrcamBeat but not the IrcamDescripter. The link does not allow to get the plugin.


What is the right link for this?

IrcamBeat works well with Partiels 1.0.3



Hello Jerome,

The IrcamDescriptor plugin is not published yet but it will be next week (I’m sorry, the projects are public by default, it is confusing so I set the project private until the plugin is officially released).

All the best,

I understand, I will wait until you release it

many thanks in advance,