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Partiels - pitch approximation of the fundamental frequency

Hi all. I am new to using Partiels and am wondering if there is a way to get it to display the approximated pitch (e.g. quantised to the nearest quarter tone) of the fundamental frequency. With the pitch estimation module many different frequencies are displayed and it is not very clear which one relates to the fundamental. Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely possible at present, because the analyses aren’t designed for it. The results returned by fundamental analysis plug-ins (such as SVP Feature Scoring) follow the intonation curve, so the curve varies according to slides, vibratos, etc. To obtain a fixed value for a sequence, you would first have to segment the audio file. Using the first partial of a PM2 Chord Sequence analysis based on good segmentation, you should get what you want (the chord sequence analysis is available on the developments page and should be published very soon). It’s a way of resampling the results curve. To force the values to quarter tones (or whatever, why not semitones or eighth tones?), a new plug-in would be needed. This may be considered for a future version.