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Partials tracking in Partiels

I am wondering if partials tracking (as in AudioSculpt Introduction - Visualizing and Manipulating Partials ) is implemented in Partiels. And if so which plugin enables that functionality? Thanks in advance!


You can find templates for analyzing partials in the Ircam Vamp Plugins manual package. And here is a video that presents how to use the F0 (fundamental) analysis as the input of the partial analyses: Partiels 1.1.0-dev3 - Input Analysis - PM2 Harmonic on Vimeo.

Thank you very much! Would this functionality also be available for free trial users or only premium?

You can perform partial tracking analysis with a free account, but you cannot export the results.
From the manual:
If the Partiels and the Ircam Vamp are not authorized, the application runs in demo mode. There is no time limitation for the demo but you cannot export analysis results.

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