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Parameters not updated in DAW

I can get the automation data sent out over OSC according to a defined mapping, but when I send data back (from a simplified version of the bundled max patch that continually sends new values), the values are not passed to the DAW as it seems - I’ve tried with Cubase 10.5 on Mac and Renoise on Mac and PC, same issue…
I have also tried with ToscA and have the same issue - VST-to-OSC works but OSC-to-VSTHost is only showing the activity next to the input port in the OSCar UI but the values are not updated in the automation of the DAW

This is strange.
Are the automation parameters in write mode ?
Have you tried the same operation with Reaper ? (I know for sure things work with this DAW, while I don’t use Cubase nor Renoise, some it might be an issue specific with these hosts)