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Panoramix with Reaper

From @sicaudjl

Help for beginner

Hi alls

I am a beginner with Panoramix

My project would be to run Panoramix with Reaper as inputs /outputs and working ambisonics .

Configuration :Windows 10 + Reaper 6 + Fireface UC with Totalmix

Just now i succeed only to use the file player as source of sounds

Panoramix seems not to communicate whith Reaper

How can i interface both ?

Is it also possible to open several file players to fetch differents sounds to tracks

Thanks for help

Hi Greg,

I’m in contact with @sicaudjl

he told me about ReaRoute that I don’t know because it doesn’t exist on Mac…

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Many thanks Thibaut

We made tests, and it’s ok for routing Reaper towards Panoramix (ReaRoute) but no sound from it. All is ok in the session Panoramix, I’ve set the 8 channels cube speakers… I have the signals but no sound ASIO ReaRoute used

Maybe due to Totalmix, who knows ?

Trying Dante Via ?

- Session Panoramix.txt (54,4 Ko)

Thanks a lot Thibaut and Small lotus
Jean louis