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Panoramix - OsX El Capitan

Hi All,

I have just installed last Panoramix version, 1.6.0, on my computer (MacBook Pro mid 2012, OsX El Capitan, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB DDR3 a 1600 MHz). I have a strange behaviour: if I restart the computer appplication opens, but if I quit and reopen it freezes and does not open. To open it I must restart the computer again.
No problems with penultimate version, 1.5.2.
Is there any way to fix the problem?
Thank you in advance.


Hi Fabio,

Hum… That is unfortunate and strange (and I dont understand why restarting the computer solves your problem).
I dont have a computer with El Capitan at the moment, but I will try to find one to test.
Opening the application can take a little while (say, up to one minute); are you sure it is totally frozen ? Have you tried to wait long enough ?
Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to investigate.



Thank you for fast reply. I am sorry for my post, now Panoramix seems to load without any difficult, I can not explain yesterday evening behaviour. I think there is no need to test on El Capitan, if I should have some further problem I will post here. But at the moment everything seems good. Sorry for inconvenience. I have done nothing of different, but now it loads. The only difference respect to yesterday is that I have updated also Spat for Max, but I don’t know if that can be the resolution.

Thank you, ciao


OK, strange. But good to know it is working now.

Spat for Max and Panoramix are 100% independent, they have no connection whatsoever, and share no resources (besides their awkward developer).