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Panoramix Min distance

Is there a way to override the minimum distance default of the channels. I’m trying to make some Lissajous patterns for binaural rendering and this constraint wont allow me to render them properly. Thanks in advance !

This is not possible. In Panoramix the minimum distance is 1 meter. if you send a distance under 1 then Panoramix use 1

It’s a known problem…



Thanks for your quick response Jerome!
Is there a particular reason why this is default? This can be done in Spat5, and some of the coolest effects in binaural happen when you have this feeling of having the sounds coming in and out of your head.

I must confess I dont know…

Yes, we all want that effects with binaural !

I would also working with binaural and interested in placing object closer than 1 meter. Would this be hard to implement?
Or maybe there’s a workaround, like get the ambisonic signal out of panoramix and then apply some processing to shrink everything by 1 meter?

I might change the minimum distance for the future release of Panoramix.
However, be aware that 1m will remain the “reference”, and any source with a shorter distance (< 1m) will have an energy boost (E > 0dB).
In other words, there will be a risk of signal clipping.
In other words : I can do it, but use at your own risks.

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Hi Thibaut,

You told about nearfield in a previous reply about binaural effect.

You were talking about : spat5.pan~.maxhelp and nearfield tab about Binaural in Spat. The sub-patcher “option” is really interesting for ITD in Spat. In binaural panoramix tracks there’s also something about ITD…

Can you give us more information about using ITD in panoramix ? Is it usefull in the Wow effect we’re looking for ?

If E>0 dBV, then the best thing is mixing with a headroom at -2 ou -3 dBV, most of the time, it will the best solution.

In panoramix (and in spat5 binaural objects), it is possible apply a scaling factor to the ITD.
This somehow allows to simulate smaller or larger head radius. Tweaking this parameter can typically improve the externalization effect (especially with non individualized HRTFs)

And yes, regarding energy boost for nearfield sources, you will need to leave headroom for your mixing in order to avoid possible clipping.


Hi Thibaut,

Thanks to you, Spat v.5.1.7 includes Panoramix v.1.4.3 and now minimum distance is 0.1m…

So I’ve set my OSCar.xml to this new minimum and it works well. With my template Live project I can see that Live records the real values of trajectories, whatever the setting of OSCar was… its now lower that 1m. That point is really good.

But I didn’t thought you made it so close :wink:

You were talking about clipping in this conditions, and you were right but it’s more than clipping… So I’m wondering which minimum distance using as a good consensus…

Any idea ?


If you use panoramix, it will be nice if you can share your own advice



Well, the sound level of the direct sound obeys the “+6dB” law each time the distance is divided by 2 :
+6 dB when going from 1m to 0.5m, +6 dB when going from 0.5m to 0.25m, etc.
So there is no “good consensus” and it’s your responsibility to keep enough headroom so as to avoid clipping.

Glad to hear things are working properly in your Live device.


Many THX for these informations

After testing, I think that the behavior of the trajectory has to be logic. I just will avoid to go too close…

Have you change anything about the binaural bus ? It seems to work better… more concrete/organic…



Nope. I don’t recall any changes in that territory.