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Panoramix input player bug

Bonjour Thibaut

I have an issue in Panoramix (1.4.5, OS 10.14.6) with the “input player object”
It is working fine with stereo sound files, but doesnt’ work with mutichannel soundfile (I tried with 8 channels)
The value of remaining time is opposite to the elapsed and I can’t go to a specific point
Then, if I drop a new stereo sound, it is like the previous sound was on top and the new sound appears only when moving the scroll .
Maybe it is more a “sound file player issue” ?

Thanks for your help !


Salut David,

That’s strange. I dont see any issue with the sound file player.

Are you sure your multichannel file is OK ? Can you maybe send it to me ? (along with detailed steps to reproduce the issue – or maybe a screen recording ?)

Sorry for the inconvenience,