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Panolive 3.0 Major Update…

Here is PanoLive 3.0 !

Major update thanks to Alexis Baskind

  • Changed : Routing in Live
  • Added : CPU optimization
  • Adeed : Automation of the Panoramix session

The old version (v.2.8.3) is stored on the forum site, in “Releases” on the project page. It is, for the moment, the last Windows compatible version.



Sadly the download link doesn’t work for me… Is it just me?

Hi Nick,

the DL link seems ok, it works… you have to be log in…


Well, as I say, it doesn’t work for me and, yes, I’m logged in. I get a 404 message and " The page could not be found or you don’t have permission to view it." Any thoughts?

there’s a problem…

go to the repository : Jérôme Lesueur / PanoLive · GitLab

there’s really a problem, thanks for pointing that

PanoLive 3.0 link is ok…

sorry for the problem, due to a bug…


Would it be possible to run Panolive on Ableton Live 10 ?
Thanks for your help.

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Yes I think it should work on Live 10.

It was originally made for Live 10



Thanks for your quick answer. In fact, the example project is in live 11 so I can not open it in live 10.

Yes, sorry about that, I hope you can manage to use it well…

how about a trial version of live 11, just to see how it works ?

Thank you for the nice update, great to have the new features with ableton!
a bug report: Ableton (11.1.5) crashes each time i clic on Viewer or EQ/Dyn buttons on the Panolive panel.
Any one get the same problem?


Yes, I will do that. Thanks


Can you tell me what OS et which version of Spat you use ?



the OS is Monterey 12.3.1, and Spat 5.2.7
The example project also crashes Ableton when I open it. But this is not a problem for my setup.


For Monterey, I will be able to answer you in about 20 days because I am waiting for a new machine… Do you have an Apple processor?

I just did the test on a High-Sierra with the latest version of Spat…

I can’t reproduce the bug…

I’m searching on my side, trying other versions of the spat, the 5.2.4 version is the last one of an old version…

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience,



find it here : https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/releases/spat/

I have intel i7 processor, 2019 macbook pro.
Thank you for your research, i’ll try the older release of Spat.

I just tried Spat 5.2.6
the bug does not appear.
I hope this can help,

glad to see it works for you

Hoping it helps @tcarpent