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OSCar output only when playing in Reaper?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to configure OSCar to only send output while the session is playing in Reaper? I’m getting a continuous stream of output as long as the window is in focus, but it would be nice for it to stop when the transport control stops. I just upgraded from ToscA hoping this would be possible, but I can’t seem to make it work…

I suppose I could go for a bit of a hacky solution and have the /play and /stop messages trigger a feedback to OSCar to enable and disable it, but it would be nice if there were a more elegant way built in that perhaps I’m missing?


Hi Eric,

No, there is such built-in option at the moment.
I just added one in the experimental/beta build here attached (there’s a new button in the plugin interface).
That seems to work ok in Reaper, but obviously i have not tested it intensively.

Note that this is not tested in other DAWs, and that AAX plugin is not available yet.
Please consider this build as experimental ! (and please report if that works for you, or if you face issues)



Hi Thibaut,

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems to work perfectly (and is definitely much less sketchy than my feedback loop solution :laughing:), thanks so much!