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OSCar not recognizing parameters in Reaper


I’m fairly new to OSCar, so please forgive me if I’m making an amateurish mistake!

I’ve been experimenting with sending/receiving OSC data back and forth between Reaper and Spat objects in Max. I started out by using the example patch included with OSCar. Once I edited the oscar.xml file to follow the example given in OSCar-User-Manual.pdf, I was successfully able to write xyz automation in Reaper and then send it back to Max.

However, I decided that I’d much rather work with aed than xyz, so I modified the Max patch to reflect this. I also modified oscar.xml like so:

<?xml version=“1.2.2” encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<oscar version=“1.2.2”>
<parameter index="1" name=“Azimuth” pattern="/source/$1/azim” min=“-180” max=“180” default="0"/>
<parameter index="2" name=“Elevation” pattern="/source/$1/elev” min=“-90” max=“90” default="0"/>
<parameter index="3" name=“Distance” pattern="/source/$1/dist” min=“1” max=“12” default=“1”/>
<parameter index="4" name="pres" pattern="/source/$1/pres" min="0" max="120" default="40"/>
<parameter index="5" name="bril" pattern="/source/$1/bril" min="0" max="50" default="25"/>
<parameter index="6" name="warm" pattern="/source/$1/warm" min="0" max="50" default="25"/>

I’ve saved oscar.xml, closed it, and restarted Reaper, but I cannot get the parameters of azim, dist, and elev to show up as automation parameters in Reaper. In fact, what shows up is pretty inconsistent: currently I’m getting “param1” through “param32”. Sometimes I get just “pres” “bril” and “warm” with nothing else.

I edited the version number in oscar.xml to see if that would help, but I’m not sure it matters?

POST EDIT: Correction — I only get “pres” “bril” and “warm” when I do NOT edit the Oscar version number in the xml file. When I do, I only get “param1” through “param32”


Have you copied the oscar.xml file in the proper location (namely ∼/Documents/Ircam/oscar/oscar.xml) ?
If so, it should appear in green in the plugin interface.

Also, whenever you edit the oscar.xml file, you need to restart Reaper (or other DAW) for the changes to take effect.

Editing the oscar version number has no effect. And I believe you should not edit the xml version; keep it as it was!

Hope this helps,

Hi Thibaut,

Thank you for your response. Yes, oscar.xml is in the correct location that you have outlined.

I have reverted the version number in the .xml file back to how it was before.

Unfortunately, the OSCar plugin in Reaper is only revealing the parameters of “pres,” “bril,” and “warm.”

Yes, I have restarted Reaper after every edit I’ve attempted to the .xml file.

I’ve attached a photo of the plugin and track envelope window in Reaper

I’m working in Reaper v.5.984/64. Mac OSX 10.10.5. OSCar v1.2.2. Max v7.1.0

Can you try with the attached xml file ? (which loads fine on my machine and Reaper shows the expected parameters)

I suspect a problem of text file encoding. (for instance, the quotation characters are strange in what you posted earlier)

oscar.xml (679 Bytes)

Well, the forum is now telling me “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” Not sure why, since I’m signed in.

Is there a way to send the file in a private message?

Thibaut, I just sent the file to your Ircam email address. No rush — I know it’s evening for you!

Hi Tim,

There’s indeed an issue with the quotation characters in the file you sent me (compare with the file I sent in my previous post).
OSCar expects this kind of quotes : "
Not these `` nor “these” .

I recommend not use TextEdit for edition – as it tends to mess with these characters.
Use e.g. Atom or another “decent” text editor.

Hope this helps,

Excellent, yes that was the trick! I am not a coder, by any measure, so this isn’t something I’d catch. I’ve downloaded Atom and used it to make a new version of the file. Now my desired parameters are showing up.

Thanks again!