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Orchidea.solve : No such object

Hi everyone. I have a problem with the installation of the OrchIdea for Max8. Apparently, the Orchidea. Solve patch is not in the folder. Does anyone of you know how to find this archive or where? I don’t know why on the page there is no any section with the patches.

Thank you all!



Orchidea.solve~ is obsolete. You can download version 0.7 of the Max package and use orchidea.orchestrate.

Here’s the link towards 0.7 : Download – Orchidea

The Max patch is MaxOrch. It has its own discussion room. MaxOrch | Ircam Forum



Thank you so much for your answer Jerome. I downloaded this new version as you told me, but I keep looking this mistake:

I can’t see the patch you are telling me inside the folder, do I make something else?

Thank you again for your answer!

You need to put the package folder of orchidea in ~Documents/Max 8/Packages. as all max packages.

For the patch, click on the link. MaxOrch | Ircam Forum



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Thanks again for your answer.
Actually, I have already done it, but the error that appears is this: “orchidea.orchestrate: No such object”. So, I think that patch archive is not inside the folder, when I open it in Max it says this patch manque.

Actually, Orchidea for Max is for MacOS only