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Orchidea in Windows

Is Orchidea available in Windows or only on Mac ?

I’ve got an answer from Carmine.
The Windows version should happen for the
next release Nov 19.
This is a Windows version of the command line tools but not
of the externals for now.

Hi, when would be the next release with Windows version? I was waiting for it.

Hi, any news on this?

Dear all,
the new release is almost ready, it will be deployed in about 1 week. It will contain command line tools for Windows but all the rest (Max package and a new standalone application) will be only for OSX (for now).
Please check soon again the forum for news.

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Hi, I went to the Orchidea page in hopes to find the windows command line tools for Orhidea,
but I found only for Mac, i also noticed in your tutorial video, that the link used to be present, what happened?
Also, are there any plans to release a Max package for windows? would be greatly greatly appreciated! Thanks, you’re one of the kind.

there are problems in DLL in Windows and I have not a Windows computer first-hand to fix it. I hope I’ll be able to work on this soon.

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Thank you for the reply! All the best luck in development, can’t wait:)

Are there also plans for a Max release for Windows?
thanks & very excited