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Orchidea in Windows

Is Orchidea available in Windows or only on Mac ?

I’ve got an answer from Carmine.
The Windows version should happen for the
next release Nov 19.
This is a Windows version of the command line tools but not
of the externals for now.

Hi, when would be the next release with Windows version? I was waiting for it.

Hi, any news on this?

Dear all,
the new release is almost ready, it will be deployed in about 1 week. It will contain command line tools for Windows but all the rest (Max package and a new standalone application) will be only for OSX (for now).
Please check soon again the forum for news.

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Hi, I went to the Orchidea page in hopes to find the windows command line tools for Orhidea,
but I found only for Mac, i also noticed in your tutorial video, that the link used to be present, what happened?
Also, are there any plans to release a Max package for windows? would be greatly greatly appreciated! Thanks, you’re one of the kind.

there are problems in DLL in Windows and I have not a Windows computer first-hand to fix it. I hope I’ll be able to work on this soon.

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Thank you for the reply! All the best luck in development, can’t wait:)

Are there also plans for a Max release for Windows?
thanks & very excited

Can we hope for a version of Orchidea for Windows soon? no news on this for 1 year. Have you solved the problems of DLL? If not, is there no one at IRCAM to help you? Should we resign ourselves to never being able to use your app except to buy Apple hardware?
Thanks to answer.


Is there anyone on board ? I asked a question 2 months ago and got no answer. Thanks to answer at that simple question : Can we expect to use Orchidea on Windows version one day or not?

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Dear all
apologies for the late reaction.
I have good news, there will be soon a version of the standalone for Windows. I’ll make the announcement soon.


Fantastic, Carmine!

Can’t wait for it!

On the orch-idea.org site, there is a link to download a Windows version of orchidea standalone. When we try to download the zip file, we get this:
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

Why ?



Dear all,
there was an error in the link, sorry for that. I’ll make an official announcement on this forum for the Windows version.

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Awesome, Carmine!
Thank you for your work.