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Orchidea & Electroacoustics I


I would like to open a subject concerning the possibility to use Orchidea in electroacoustic.

I will first try to lay out general questions about an uncertain approach and then post a link to a screen video capture of some experimentation with the Orchidea package and other helpful programming modules.

Well my first question is straight forward :

What can I do with Orchidea once I know that I am not an orchestrator ?

To answer this question, first I need to know what Orchidea can do !

So I began my journey into the unknown… exactly here :slight_smile: Yan Maresz. Compositional approaches

This is what we might call an empirical approach. All these strategies, problems, responsibilities, questions ! What a wonder !

Hold on… did you hear that at 21’55" !? The maestro talks about the use of Orchidea in electroacoustic creation ? Oh no is it already the end of the conference ?

Well it sounds promising and yes things can be done with Orchidea besides orchestration.

But what kind of things ? Personnal Databases ? Concrete sounds ? Aimed targets ? Sound textures ? How to implement the tools for that ?

And here comes another unbelievable set of many-folded modules and tutorials with the Orchidea package. Very well organised and documented by the developers and the cherry on the cake, we can find a very robust workspace template at the end of the Building a workspace tutorial ! :clap:

While slowly wandering through the tutorials and the modules I had some insights, but what for ?
Am I quite certain to find an electroacoustic process strategy without an intended use or application i.e. an idea of what I want to do or the aim of that idea and how to reach it ?

Well I must confess that I have a mixed piece going on, suffice to say that it is supposed to occur, one day, in an abandoned church at the periphery of 9 touristic churches and cathedrals, in a medieval city. Our aim is to make it resonate !

So here is a first attempt to tame Orchidea. Others will hopefully follow :slight_smile:

Orchidea & Electroacoustics I

Cheers !


N.B. No patch upload for the moment.

hi thanks for letting us know.
I used myself Orchidea for electroacoustic composition and in this case I use only the generated sound files and not the scores.
One interesting thing I usually do is to create a database of specific sounds I want to use (whispering, soundscapes, etc…) and the orchestrate using this database.
Orchidea will generate a “mix” of the sound given the constraints imposed in the target sound.
I’m planning to make a tutorial on this subject in the future.

Hi, Thanks Carmine for your work ! And for the tips. Yes this is what I understood from Yan Maresz. Compositional approaches.

I reckon that by “…given the constraints imposed in the target sound.” you mean the orchidea.solve parameters. And that the db files’ naming convention holds ?

Feature request : Is it possible to have more audio features analysis in the engine like periodicity and loudness ? Maybe they are already implemented ?

Well I am intending, as mentionned above, to carry on my experimentation, I need to gather soundfield recordings (and the situation is still not suitable). Nevertheless, I will make an example and a youtube playlist with smaller video chunks… (if you agree with this approach.)

Thanks a million !
As a matter of fact, I presume you and Jean Bresson need that million to develop OM-Orchidea :wink:



p.s. And yes I’m looking forward to attending that Orchidea convention !