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Orchidea command tools 0.6, 2nd question


Sorry of this amount of question, hard to get replies. Still using Mac 0.6 Orchidea command tools (asked sources for Linux, but I assume not open source).

However, I am getting results I am very satisfied (dynamic orchestration), I am using connection.txt as my source for notating things, so have two questions:

  1. In line
    [ segment 3993.81

the number 3993.81, is it segment number related to time, when I have for instance defined onsets_timegate .12 ? As segment numbers are relatively ascending, and seem to match with real durations/attack points, how I am able to calculate the exact timing ?

  1. In line
    [ note 185.737 Fl aeol E4 p N /Winds/Flute/aeolian/Fl-aeol-E4-p-N-N.wav 18 ]

the number 185.737, is that duration of event/note, calculated same way as in 1.

Thanks of info :slight_smile: !

Best, Jukka

hi Jukka
all the information is in milliseconds.
The value for “segment” indicates the time position of each onset, while the value for “note” indicate the length of the note. As you may have noticed, some notes extend over the next segment. This is the principle of “dovetailing” implemented in Orchidea.

Hi Carmine,

Thanks of info, I realized that after some automated calculations I wrote as a script. I had original target sounds in exact milliseconds, but different of those Orchidea generated, I was first assuming that the segments were sample-based, but then noticed that the relations between target and segment values were same, needed to generate Fomus scores from connection.txt. Yes, have noticed that some notes extend over the next segment, good to know why.

Best, Jukka