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Orchidea 0.6 command tools


I am using Mac command line tools, all seems to work fine, just notation question. I use only static orchestration, from segment.XXXX.summary I can see the instruments + pitches for all solutions, each line contains readable info, except the last number, for instance:

[ note 5000 Fl ord A#4 ff N /Winds/Fl/ordinario/Fl-ord-A#4-ff.wav 47 ]


[ note 5000 Fl ord A#5 mf N /Winds/Fl/ordinario/Fl-ord-A#5-mf.wav -17 ]

My guess: pitch (microtonal) tuning in cents ?

Thanks !!



Your guess is correct.
If you use the Bach Library, you may check, in the graphical interface of a bach.roll, the note’s 7th slot which is ‘detune’ (keyboard shortcut 7).



Great, thanks ! So far using command line tools only, asked on different topic if 0.5 Standalone version would be available, assuming it runs older than 10.11 Mac (I have Mavericks). No Max, except runtime, unfortunately, so probably writing script(s) to convert summary texts to notation format.