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Openmusic Microtonal Playback

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being repetitive as several posts about this in the past, but I am having some trouble with OM microtonal playback.

I am using a microtonal playback patch downloaded from Rozalie Hirs’ website (attached) and Simplesynth. Unfortunately, after upgrading to latest OM, everything sounds a tone lower and no microtone playback.

What is everyone using these days for microtonal playback? Also any microtonal synthesizer options that sound less “tinny” would be appreciated.

Attached is the patch and the current settings I am using in OM.

Thank you all very much. 160819-simplesynth-basics.omp (53.3 KB)

Hi Brandon,

First be sure you are using the latest OM version 6.19
Then, i tested this patch and apparently it have some wrong pitchbend values causing the transposition:

As mentioned in the patch, it was made under om version 6.10 (this is sometime ago). The bend values changed then, (cf. tutorial 10 from om tutorial help patches).

So the patch which seems an excellent tutorial should be upgraded.

Best Regards

Hi Karim,
Thanks for your reply. A very simple question… where are the tutorial help patches for OM?
I am running om 6.19.

Also, if there is a newer and simpler way to do microtonal playback for OM6.19 I would be glad to know.

Best Regards,

Dear Brandon,

You will find the om tutorials in the om help menu:

[Sorry for the late answer, european time :-)]


All fixed Karim!
I was trying to find the tutorials in the patch help menu instead of the workspace help menu.
mc-to-pitchwheel is great.

Thank you again for all that you do.

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