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OpenMusic for Python


Any news on the development side of things? Will OpenMusic for Python come online any time soon? Soon, I hope.

All the best,

Hi António,

Have you heard of free code converter?

It uses AI to convert code from any language to any language. I’ve used it to write LISP code for OM. It’s not perfect (and there is a paywall after 10 translations), but it has been very useful to me lately.

Converting code also seems to work pretty easily with chatGPT, and no paywall.




I’m actually talking about an alternative version of OpenMusic they’ve been working on for a while now based on Python rather than LISP.

All the best,

Ah ok, interesting. I’ll be curious to check that out as well.

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Dear Antonio,

For the time being it is still on hold. Carlos wants to finish some piece of code before making it available.



Hi Karim,

I actually prefer LISP as a language for musical informatics and formal work in general, but the idea of being able to use Python’s libraries in OM’s environment is too enticing. Not to mention LISP’s commercial license, which I’ve always had a hard time accepting.

I’m really looking forward for this new version.

All the best,