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OpenMusic 6.20 released

OpenMusic 6.20 has been released.

This version is compatible for these operating systems:

  • MacOS: 64bits
    Notes: also compatible with Monterey - For M1 processors, use Rosetta II

  • Windows: 32 bits

  • Linux: 64 bits RPM and DEB packages, tar-ball


  • OM Finder (search patches, maquettes, in workspaces, functions, in patches, etc.)
  • New functions: apply-lambda-list (list processing)
  • Appearance features: Added support for background color for:
    • Patches
    • text editors (listener included)
    • score editors (Voice, Chord-seq, etc.)
    • Bpf, 3dc,
    • Sound object


  • Duration display in selection mode in SCORE editors
  • get-time-sig replaces get-signatures with list/ratio optional output
  • voice->voices and concat-voices now also handles poly
  • Now > and < shortcuts add and remove only one input,
    while alt+right and left arrows add and remove all inputs
  • subst-rhythm method for voice
  • Annoying modal dialog when soundfiles are missing transformed as listener output
  • Now in Maquette tempobj info can be set without closing it
  • clear-all listener output: ctrl-z/cmd-z
  • completion now integrates extra package prefixes and refreshed when
    libraries are loaded
  • export-nusicxml extra note heads support
  • Now all ListInstancesBoxes closes when associated boxes are destroyed
  • Now export-svg exports bpf’s color


  • fixed obj-mode selection in Score objects
  • fixed input info display (linux)
  • voice->voices tempo fix
  • fixed Library Package Browser display (linux)
  • fixed chord extra note-heads musicxml-export
  • enabled internal pict resources in picture dialog
  • updated MathTools tutorials
  • fixed midievent-seq miniview
  • fixed get-group-ratio method
  • import-musicxml open file shows all *.*xml types
  • fixed typo error in rotateprops
  • fixed bug in all-list?


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Concat fix (put this file in the init fiolder):
fixconcat1.lisp (1.1 KB)