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OmChroma win10

is OmChroma compatible with windows 10?

Dear Tartaro,

It should be, it’s only a library. You just need to install Csound.

hello, thank you .do you know if is possible to open chroma tutorial patches in windows? because I was not able.
thank you again

OK i will test it and will let you know ASAP


I just tried it on my windows 11. So it should work for you perfectly on windows 10. Here what you should do:

The tutorial automatic import is messed up for windows so:

  1. you just have to import the examples folder which is in the OMChroma library folder. by right-clicking in the workspace and choose “import folder” then choose the example folder.

Further more, the normalization is not working. So go to the om preferences menu and under the Audio tab, uncheck normalization. This is also not very reliable under windows. we should fix it.


I will report this to the author. It is not a bug, but it hasnt been completely tested on Windos

Hello Karim,
thank you it works but I noticed often crash OM when using OMchroma often when synthesizing sound or change the name of a new synthesizing sound.did I do something wrong?

Dear Mario,

It is hard to say. Do you have any error message?

Ciao Karim,
no the program closes without any error message.same problem in previus version of OM only with OMchroma.if I use other libraries like Pattern or Omcsound seems all ok.
grazie Karim

Dear Mario,

It might be a particular patch. Can you send it in order to test it myself?


no is in the getting start patch. after compiling some sounds with differnt parameters and change names of sound output the program crashes without any error.
for some time it compile correctly then crash unexpectedly.
Tutorial Getting Started 11 - Relationship with the Csound orc and sco files II
win10 open music 7.1 .I can’t resolve fluidsynth preferences problems with version 7.2

What do you mean by “changing the names of sound output”?
How do you do that ?
please can you send at least a screen shot?

example crash.omp (610.0 KB)

Hello Karim,
change the name in the subpatch name then synthesizing sound and the program crash .sometimes crash if I change opcode parameters also.
grazie mario

tried and tried again on another PC but Omchroma closes unexpectedly without showing any signs of error

Dear Mario,

I thinlk it is a OMChroma windows issue. The library wasn’t totaly tested on this platform. I will inform the author and test it myself to see what’s wrong. It might be an OM2Cound issue, in that case i am the one responsible :slight_smile:


thanks a lot Karim.
do you think on mac should not be this kind of problems?

Dear Mario,

Can you check out one thing:
In OM preferences, General tab, where do the Output Files point to?
Maybe you are trying to write in a protected directory?

hello Karim I change and try several directories but same crash

Did you uncheck in audio preferences the normalization option?

yes I uncheck normalization option but still crash after 3-4 compiling sound.
I saw that when I change name output file and compile sound and Omchroma crash it did not produce output score csound files in the directory. don’t know if is important.

I tested this on windows 11.
One issue is you must in OM preferences under the Audio tab check ‘Delete Temporary Files’. Apparently if you don’t and if you play the SOUND object, windows keeps it live and therefore cannot remove the file if you rename it.
This is a possibility. Didn’t verify this completely,