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Omax Spectral Device with Max8


I use OMax Spectral Device. I recently upgraded my systems to OS 10.13.6 , Max 8 and Omax 4.6.
It seems OMax Spectral Device wasn’t supported in this verison of OMax, but I have managed to sort all the error messages except for Omax.Buffer, where it says “no such object”.

The OMax.Buffer object seemingly had 4 inlets and 2 outlets.

Can anyone explain to me how I could replace this object in my patches for use with the newer version of Omax? The newer version of OMax does still include other objects from before, like OMax.data and OMax.oracle etc, but I am not sure how to get around the buffer issue for the new version. Very grateful for help as my performance patches are broken.

Many thanks

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UPDATE: I ignored the error message requiring an OMax.Buffer object, and instead placed an existing maxpatch from my old folder, called OMax.Buffer.maxpat alongside an existing one named OMax.Buffer.st.maxpat in the new OMax4.6/patchers folder. This has removed the error and it seems to work…however I would still be very grateful for any information as to what best practice is, and whether the OMax.Buffer object was upgraded.

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