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OMAudioLib.dll problem

Windows 11
A week ago, I downlaoded OM 7.0 and had a problem with OMAudioLib.dll
Karim Haaddad answered giving this reference



This file is binary. show original

I could fix replacing OMAudioLib.dll by the new one

However, today, I tried to install OM 7.0 on another computer, so I dowloaded from ythe IRCAM site
I had the same message
but this time the link given by Haddad is not valid anymore and gives a 404 on Github
I didn’t find any reference to OMAudioLib.dll on Github

I guess there should ba a new version of OM 7.0 which I miss

Help appreciated

Daniel Schell

Dear Daniel,

The omaudiolib.dll has been updated in the sources on GitHub (not on IRcam site).
And yes this will be a problem if you replace this new one since it is supposed to be for the new 7.1 release.
So here what to do:

  1. Download this from here:
    openmusic/omaudiolib.dll at master · openmusic-project/openmusic · GitHub

  2. just rename exactly the downloaded library as (respect the upper/lower case):

And then replace it.


PS: PLease don’t forget to tag your thread with OpenMusic, if not i will miss it. :slight_smile:

Hello Karim,

Thank you

Your solution worked very well