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OM7-beta becomes OM#

Hi forum readers,

This is a quick information about the current state of this project.

Those who have followed the development, and started to use or test om7-beta in the past months, can now hopefully carry out a good part of their computer-assisted composition work with it. The new environment also introduced features and concepts, opening up to new territories for experimentation in computer-assisted composition. It drifted quite away from OM6 and previous OpenMusic versions, sometimes also bringing up a few compatibility issues.

For these different reasons, since its inception the project was developed independently from the main OpenMusic branch, using different successive code-names (o7/om7-beta…). From now on the code name becomes om# (om-sharp).

You will find relevant information on this page:

…while the OpenMusic main track pages and resources remain here.

The version 1 of newly-renamed om-sharp was just uploaded for Mac on the project downloads page. Previous versions (also for Windows/Linux) are still listed on that same page. A forum group/category where this and other previous posts will be moved, will also be created and renamed accordingly.

Happy 2020!


Happy new year! I’ve checked out the brand new OM#, and it looks great. Much easier to navigate. I think I’ll manage the transformation from OM 6.15. I started out in the heydays of PatchWork, and I’m now beginning to grasp the mysteries of CAC some 20 years later. I still have some issues understand OM Loop though. smiling I will port my “Harmonic skins and position mapping” to the new application. Thanks a lot Jean! Best, Dagfinn

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Hi Jean,

For a minute there, I thought you would be announcing that om7 was now based on C# or F#…

Happy new year.

All the best,


Hi, thanks for your reply.

A note about compatibility: Most “basic” OM 6.x patches should open in OM#, using “OM6 document” as file type in the file-choosing dialog of the File/Open… menu. The converted document will display as new, un-saved documents. They can be saved to the disk as a new OM# (.opat) file. Another option, to open a whole set of document (either from OM or OM#), is to use the “Open Folder” menu, and save them all using the “Save selection” button in the session windows.

Loops work a little bit differently in OM# and OpenMusic. A loop is just a sub-patch containing a number of special boxes such as iterate, loop-list, etc., which basically correspond to similar OMLoop boxes (eachTime, etc.). OM6 patches containing OMLoops should be converted automatically. I’ll try to document all this in the user manual pages soon. In the meantime, the app distribution contains a dedicated help-patch (see menu “Help / Help patches / Core features / loop”).


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OM# is still in Common Lisp !


I know that, Jean, that’s why I wrote it the way I did… Sorry If I inconvenienced you, I meant it as a lighthearted remark on the “#” and the way I perceived your post’s header at first, before actually reading it.

Builds for Linux (.rpm, tarball) are available from the same place now.


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No problem :slight_smile:
I just though it could be a useful information for everyone.

Congrats, Jean Bresson. OM# looks amazing. Can I suggested that you implement a way of making the score objects bigger? In OpenMusic, one could go to preferences>score and choose the default music font size. I use the value 36 because of an external monitor and so as not to strain my eyes! Thanks in advance.

Hi Jean. Thank you for all of the work on the new releases. Enjoying getting to know OM7-beta (I’m on Windows, so no OM# for that yet, right?) Just curious: the Ctrl-Shift-E, Ctrl-D, and Ctrl-Shift-H functionality for source, documentation, and help, respectively, don’t seem to be operating yet. Did I do something wrong installing or is this just not ready yet? Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback.

I’m planning the Windows release very soon (maybe this weekeend).

In principle all this should work, but short-cut may have slightly changed.
See here:

Thanks much, Jean, and looking forward!

OM# 1.0 is now available for Windows:

Thank you! Looking forward!

Hi Gonçalo. This is planned in the next release.
— Jean

Hi, Jean!

New om# looks great and, maybe, one day I’ll move into it from 6.15
I have a question. Do you plan to put possibilty of ‘right-click-menus’ using inside patch?


I avoided using contextual menus (i.e. the menu popping up by right/crl click) so far in OM#, and replaced it by more direct/visible controls, or by main menu commands.
Is there any particular command that you feel is missing ?

I think, currently I can’t say I’m missing some commands. But I feeling myself a bit uncomfortable jumping to ‘Boxes’ menu at top instead of using contextual menus.

Maybe, could it be possible (as solution) to duplicate ‘Boxes’ menu as button at right top corner of patch if you decide to avoid contextual menus?

Hi @sergeyvilka ! Just a quick follow-up on this: the OM#1.2 “pre-release” that I just posted now includes a contextual menu for adding new boxes in patch editors:

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