OM6 patches in OM7


I have been checking out the OM7-beta recently and cannot find a way to open [.omp]-files from OM6 in OM7.
Is there any solution to this?

Sorry, no, there is no way to open .omp files in om7-beta for the moment.
This is part of the next important steps.

Ah, thanks!
Looking forwards to the “final” release!


I think recent OM7 updates can now open a fair amount of OM6 patches.
=> Just select “OM6 patches (*.omp)” in he File/Open… menu.

There are still some limitations, and your OM6 patches will probably not open if they contain “external” (green) abstractions (red ones / internal should be ok), Lisp-functions, or maquettes. Class-Array objects (e.g. from OMChroma) might not load either yet. All this is on my list. Feel free to report here if you see other incopatibility or problems at loading OM6 patches.

Ah, fantastic! Thanks for the update!