OM6: Connection Wires' Width


I’d like to change the width of the wires connecting inlets and outlets in OM6, specifically I’d like to make them a bit thicker. Is there a bit of OM code one can tweak, in order to achieve this?

Any insight on this question would be most welcome.

All the best,

Hi Antonio,

The function that draws connection is draw-connection.
If you can access it in the OM sources (menu “Lisp/Find Definition”), then you will see a line like:
(om-with-line-size (if sel? 2 1) ... )

You can modify/re-evaluate the function to set a specific thickness for connection lines (here, 2pix if selected, 1pix if not).

Put the modified function in a .lisp file – don’t forget (in-package :om) – in OM to always get your modified function loaded with OM.

Hi again Jean,

Thank you for this. It works perfectly.

All the best,