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OM6.19 synthesis error with Chroma Library

Hello everyone,

I have recently installed 6.19. I have two issues. Could you please advise?

  1. Using Chroma Library I receive an error from SYNTHESIZE object.

  2. I have chosen the list view of the presentation, when I close and reopen my workspace it does not keep the selection and show again the icon view.

macOS 10.14.6

Thank you in advance.


Hi Bengisu,

For your first problem:
It seems that a primary function printdate is not loaded (?) Which version of OMChroma library you are using? (please use the latest release that you will find here:

Now concerning your second problem:
Please if you need to have the list presentation as default, go to om preferences and in the Appearance tab choose list presentation as so:

Best regards

Dear Karim,

Thank you very much for your advice. That solved the problem.