OM2Csound library


i’ve put in the library folder the om2csound library warper , but it doesn’t show up when i open open music 6.15

do you know if this warper is still working with OM ? If yes how to make it work ?

Thank you


Hi Patrick,

I’m running OM 6.15 on macOS Mojave 10.14.5. I have OM2Csound 2.3, it loads smoothly and has worked without fail thus far. You can find it, here:

All the best,

Dear Patrick,

I understand that you have put the om2csound FOLDER and not warper.
Anyhow please be sure to put the library folder once unzipped and NOT all the package.It should be named as Antonio says OM2Csound 2.3 and should only the following items inside :slight_smile:

OM2Csound.lisp (file)
sources (folder)
resources (folder)
examples (folder)
docs (folder) (file)

otherwise if you put the unzipped folder as is this will not work.


… other useful information can be found here :