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OM-SuperVP vs. SuperVP for Max


what are main features of using the supervp kernel in openmusic instead of in max?

even if it is not the idea of the svp - max object, what i miss from time to time are more parameters

for editing the spectraldata before resynthesis. dont get me wrong here - i like supervp very much and it

sounds very good. but sometimes i want to change things in the frequency domain , for example randomizing

the phases of the bins. in max i would have to recalculate a fft on the output to get it work…

or using the ftm lib, but than i didn´t have the nice supervp features.

thanks, johannes

Hi Johannes,

You can’t randomize the phases either in OM. The main goal of using supervp in OM is to connect the engine to some score musical material. It is more to perform precise effects in a non real time environment.

Both the OM library and the supervp objects in Max don"t give enough access inside the engine to perform what you like to do as you can in a pfft~ object…


Jean Lochard