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OM SuperVP/pm2 registration key -> Windows authorization

Hello, I am trying to use OMSuperVP and OM-pm2 but I get the error “SuperVP::Initialization failed: please register an activation key by using -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_Key.txt”. I have a premium subscription and have used SuperVP cross synthesis on Max and Ableton. I have read that installing Audiosculpt would resolve the problem, but being on windows, it is not possible…
Any idea how to solve this ?
Thank you !


No it is not possible to install audiosculpt on Windows, because there is no windows version. However you can install the latest release of supervp and pm2 here:



Thank you for the quick reply ! I have installed both, and put them in the external directory of OM. However, I still get the same error about registration…


Yes you are right. There is a real problem for authorization on Windows. I will contact the AS team in order to find out how to get over this. (it is not an OpenMusic problem, but the commandline problem of supervp and pm2).

Sorry about that.

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Hi ! is there any news about the kafkayan situation about authorizating pm2 and supervp for windows in order to use them as a legitimate part of OpenMusic?
Best !

Dear Lorieux,

This issue is to be addressed to the responsible of such a situation: The responsibles of the Forum. We, unfortunately, the OM team, can’t do much about that.



I just authorized pm2 in command line on a windows 10 machine and I had no problem. Then after authorizing pm2, SuperVP inherited the authorization and I didn’t have to do it twice. It seems that everything works normally for windows 10.


Can you specify the “real problem” to which you refer, please?

Hi @lorieux,

I just authorized pm2 and supervp on a windows 10 machine and I had no problem. Can you specify what the problem is?


Just my 0.002 cents…
Maybe your problem is an admin rights issues ?
I am not a Windows specialist but you could maybe try the equivalent of a “sudo” in the terminal ?


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