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OM-SuperVP missing kernels / install


I’m trying to get the OM-SuperVP and pm2 libraries to work in OM 6.14. I see that in both cases the readme files says that the kernels are not included in the libraries, and can be found in the places such as audiosculpt’s folders. But if you don’t have / can’t afford audiosculpt, is there no other way to get the kernels to get these libraries to work?

We’re trying to study the patches for Jonathan Harvey’s ‘Speakings’, but also interested in exploring the libraries’ functionality for our own work.


Hello Nick,

These libraries are also distributed through the Ircam Forum here: http://forumnet.ircam.fr/product/openmusic-libraries-en/
These distribution packages do include the supervp / pm2 kernels, but you also need a Forum “Premium” subscription to activate them.

Sorry at the moment I think there is no other way…

Thanks for clarifying, Jean.

Fingers crossed that things might open up so that all this is more open for education and creation etc in the near future,

Turns out my university has audiosculpt and the required kernels. However, after putting the OM-pm2-master folder in OM > Libraries, I try to load the library inside OM 6.15, but get the following error message:

Error while loading the library OM-pm2:

"compile&load got 3 args, wanted at most 2."

What should I do with the master folder (delete files not required by Om6 + OS X?) and the pm2 kerne (where should this go) l for it to work?


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Where did you get this version of OM-pm2 ?
You should probably not have to deal with master folder, but just download OM-pm2.1.5.zip it from : https://github.com/openmusic-project/OM-pm2/releases/tag/v1.5
This version should work with OM 6.15

I downloaded the master folder on github here instead of the .zip file you shared

I still get the same error as above when loading the library, followed by the suggestion:

“Cleanup lib sources ?
Cleanup will delete all compiled Lisp files”

Could this be a problem of not having the kernel in the right folder? If so, where should I copy the pm2 kernel from audiosculpt for OM to read it on startup / library load.

Are you sure this is in OM 6.15 ?
If you’re in an earlier OM version, then you should use the OM-pm2 versions that are on the Ircam ForumNet download pages.

I just reinstalled 6.15 and the above error has gone, however I’m yet to check that OM can find the required pm2 kernel - on Mac OS would this be a folder in the hidden library folder inside the user folder? I can only find alias files in the audiosculpt’s application folder.

=> No, the error you mention is just because this version of OM-pm2 uses a version of the OM function “compile&load” that has one more argument than in previous OM versions. This is to allow for the lib to be loaded in OM6 and OM7

You find the Alias in the AudioSculpt/Kernels/ folder. I think you can just point to it from OM Preferences, and the alias will be resolved.

Otherwise, it points to inside the AudioSculpt.app package, in /Applications/AudioSculpt 3.4.5/AudioSculpt 3.4.5.app/Contents/MacOS/pm2

Thanks - and you need to authorise it the kernel? I see in the externals tab of preferences the ‘option’ button launches a pop up window to ‘go’ on the ‘PM2 forum activation’

I’m on a computer which isn’t automatically logged in to ircam forum with my university’s credentials, so I’ll have to get that another day when staff are back.

Thanks for your help in any case

If Audiosculpt works on your computer, this means your pM2 and supervp kernels are already authorized and ready to work with OM, too.