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OM-SuperVP libraries problem with sndfile.dll


When I attempt to open the supervp.exe to enter the activation code I receive the following warning message: " the program can’t start because the sndlfile.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem." I have re-downloaded the supervp and yet I still receive the aforementioned message. Consequently, I looked into the sndlfile.dll and attempted to open the “data” file within it. Instead, of installing this “data” file automatically, however, a program opens and says " getting started with windows hp - fetching content please wait." This screen remains for hours on end without any “data” being “fetch[ed].” What am I to do to resolve this problem? Thank you for your time.

Dear Nick,

This issue should be sent to the software support using this link:

I suppose you are using windows. I will contact the developers once you have sent the request to the support. It seems to me an installation/protection issue. Please can you also precise your OS (windows 8 ? xp ?).


Yes, I am using Windows 8.1. Thank you for your help; I just sent a message to software support.