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Om-sharp and OSC

Hi, does anyone have problems communicating via OSC? With om 7.0 it works fine, with om-sharp I can’t (only communication via midi), even with the right settings. I’m doing something wrong but I don’t understand what…thanks a lot!
(om-sharp 1.7 / macos 10.14.6)

Hello! Could you be more specific on the problem? Maybe share a patch?
Thank you

All my attempts to connect e.g. chord with r-udp player or OMsynth fail. The port is correct (3000), localhos as well ( The preferences also seem fine to me. Player on osc (not midi). But nothing happens. Thanks for any suggestions.

I think the OSC output of OM# is just not what these players would expect as input. If I remember correctly (with r-udp-player at least, not sure I know what is OMsynth…?) these players work with a dedicated protocol of OSC messages which was initially designed specifically for MicroPlayer (and therefore also specific to OpenMusic).

OM# OSC player is somehow simpler; it just sens a message for each MIDI note or event. You should rather test if it works with Max and udpreceive, for instance, but I doubt these players will work with OM#.