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OM-sharp 1.4 on linux Manjaro


I have been using om-sharp on manjaro without problems. I download the debian package and convert it to arch/manjaro using debpac, but when I try to convert om# 1.4 I am receiving this warning and the resulting package fail to install:

Warning: These dependencies (depend = fields) could not be translated into Arch Linux packages names:

I don’t have LW and do not consider myself a programmer, so I need some help.



Hi James (somehow i missed this post…).


I don’t use the .deb packages myself, only test they install and run on a VM (ubuntu).

Don’t remember now why i included the package in the deb specs, possibly to access compressed file names? Might also be a left-over from setting up the OM-deps.

I’ve added a tar.bz2, including the build, on the release page for om#. This should be an easy install on any environment, as long as you take care of the deps yourself.


Thanks Anders,

I will try it and let you know how it goes.
All the best,


I solved this by replacing “mime.support” with “mailcap”: