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OM# Segmentation


First of all thanks so much to Jean and others for the continued work and updates to OM#. It’s a real pleasure to work with it. One request I was wondering about is if there is a timeline to implement some type of segmentation. It’s a feature that I used often in order to “tame” the complexity of an output.

I see the issue was mentioned here as well: https://github.com/cac-t-u-s/om-sharp/issues/95


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Hi Ermir. Thanks for your feedback.
I’m happy to consider prioritizing this feature if there is a clear need for it.
Please feel free to develop here or on the GitHib issue on what would be some relevant use cases / features / UI etc.
Best regards,

Hi Jean,

Ok I’ll think some more about it. Previously I was using kant-seg + concatenate-kant-voices as a last step before exporting the xml file just to simplify the complexity of the output. I would imagine other people had to do something similar before exporting complicated processes as well (e.g. results from Chaos Library processes).

That system worked well for me and it was easy to learn and adapt. I’m sure there could be visual improvements that can be done.


Hi Ermir,

I’m very glad you brought up this issue, I use to do the same thing with concatenate-kant-voices



Exaclty 1 year later… :sleeping:
See updates on this in OM# 1.3

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Hello jean,

Congratulations for this new release.

About segmentation, what about concatenate-kant-voices and analysis types, in general ?

Would you have a patch to illustrate the process?

Thanks in advance,

Yours faithfully


Thank you :slight_smile:

The patch in the attached GitHib thread above illustrates teh equivalent of concatenate-kant-voices.
I’ll try to document this a little bit more…

you’re talking about the snapshot in #95 issue ? or is there a patch ? I don’t see because I’m not very friendly with github… sorry about that…

hello Jean,

je n’arrive a rien avec ça : seg-tentative.opat (10,7 Ko) inspiré de la help page de extras

j’ai pu voir ça :


et ça :


Et je ne vois pas comment faire un kant-seg

désolé de te déranger avec ça



Pour ajouter des markers: selectionner un accord et utiliser la touche M


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j’arrive a faire ça :


mais j’ai ça :


seg-tentative.opat (11,9 Ko)

Blind guess: is omquantify in lambda mode ?

no it wasn’t ! now it is :


thank you very much

seg-tentative.opat (12,8 Ko)

but in kant-seg, we used to have an analysis per segment, here I don’t know how to setup that



ok chaque segment est une mesure :


cela donne :

merci beaucoup



Wow this is great! Thanks so much Jean! All is working for me, but I have something to report:

The other way is, like you mentioned, to enter the editor, select your group of notes and press “M” in order to create a segment. Just making sure, are these are the only ways to do this? For example could you specify to add a marker every 7 notes automatically?

Finally do you prefer convo over Github or in here regarding these issues? I’m assuming in the long run all will move to github…


The problem is that you’re using a lambda function here with teh omquantify box, and this function must have only one argument (= one “free” input for the box). You should therefore popup the other input values as well (cmd+shift+click) or connect then to another value box, just like the other inputs of the box (except the first one).

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I think the rule, like for other parameters of the chord-seq object, is that a single value given as input is repeated for all the chords. Otherwise you should provide a list of score-markers.

A list with a repetition of 1 marker followed by 6 times “NIL” shoudl do it.

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I would say GitHub is better to report bugs etc., while here is probably good to get connected with other users.

Hello Jean,

With OM6, in KANT-SEG segmentation mode, there is an omquantify for each segment. What do you have planned to do the same ?

For the pitch class set analysis, do you plan to show more information for each set ?