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OM# Segmentation


First of all thanks so much to Jean and others for the continued work and updates to OM#. It’s a real pleasure to work with it. One request I was wondering about is if there is a timeline to implement some type of segmentation. It’s a feature that I used often in order to “tame” the complexity of an output.

I see the issue was mentioned here as well: https://github.com/cac-t-u-s/om-sharp/issues/95


Hi Ermir. Thanks for your feedback.
I’m happy to consider prioritizing this feature if there is a clear need for it.
Please feel free to develop here or on the GitHib issue on what would be some relevant use cases / features / UI etc.
Best regards,

Hi Jean,

Ok I’ll think some more about it. Previously I was using kant-seg + concatenate-kant-voices as a last step before exporting the xml file just to simplify the complexity of the output. I would imagine other people had to do something similar before exporting complicated processes as well (e.g. results from Chaos Library processes).

That system worked well for me and it was easy to learn and adapt. I’m sure there could be visual improvements that can be done.


Hi Ermir,

I’m very glad you brought up this issue, I use to do the same thing with concatenate-kant-voices