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OM# relocatable on LInux?

Hi All,

I am on Fedora 32, I can not install OM# besides OM, because in installing it I receive an error:

terminal01.txt (1.3 KB)

If I try to install OM# on a different path, I obtain:

terminal02.txt (2.0 KB)

That is the rpm package is not relocatable.

My question is: is it possible to obtain a rpm package that can be installed on a user path so that I can use both OM# and OM6.18 on my Linux computer? (on mac there are no problems, I can)

Thank you in advance, ciao


Hi Fabio, thanks for the bug report!

There’s no reason why either OM or om# should include these debug-related files, and these should probably be removed from future builds.

For now i think you can try with rpm, and added --force to the command line.


(and sorry for the late reply…)

I’ve updated the .rpm on the releases page: Release om# 1.2 · cac-t-u-s/om-sharp · GitHub

Hope i remember to check these files next time (if not please remind me in a gentle manner… :slight_smile: )

Hi Anders,

Thank you very much for reply, no problems for delay, and thank you for the last release, 1.2-1.

I have just downloaded it and it installs perfectly on Fedora 32 (sudo dnf install <package.rpm>).

I have only opened the software and tested some patch from help menu, later I will configure libraries and I will make some further test. At the moment it seems to me everything runs good, thank you. I hope to be able to remember you (always in a gentle manner of course :slight_smile: ) about checking the files, even if my memory is not very ready… It is more probable you remember me to remember you to check the files… and so on in a recursive lisp-style manner… I will try to remember.

Thank you again, ciao