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OM-pd - New OpenMusic library


I developed an OpenMusic Library to work with PureData. It is similar to OM-Sox but with PureData. You can check the article where I explain (English) how it works in this link: Article Link. In the article, I used OM-Sharp, but it is the same object.

You can download it on: GitHub - charlesneimog/OM-pd: OM-pd aims to put the PureData (mainly offline mode) inside OM-Sharp and OpenMusic. It could help to work with processing a lot of samples using VST plugins, SoundFont, and general audio processing.

I composed this piece using it: Ideias Roubadas II (2021) - YouTube

On Windows (pd.exe) and Mac (pd), you need to specify where the pd executable is.

It works on my computer, but I did not test it on MacOS, so please report errors.


Hi Charles,

thanks for sharing !
I did a mirror project so as to “host” your lib in a more visible way.

I look forward having fun with it !

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