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OM on Monterey - I can reply only 3 times

Dear Karim,
I needed to add a new topic…
Here’s my working directory:

krzysztofgawlas@MacBook-Pro-Krzysztof ~ % pwd


This seems good to me.
What do you mean that you can reply only 3 times?
On this forum?

If yes, i will report that to the web guys. This should not be that way.


I think that you can send me a private message with the attachment by clicking on my icon’s name and pressing send message.

Yes, I got the message, that new users can only reply 3 times, and I couldn’t post the message on the previous topic.
According to the error - here’s my workspace:

But even, when I create a new empty workspace I get the same error.
I worked on previous systems and previous OM versions with that workspace without problems.
thanks for your help


I don’t have Monterey installed here. I am on Catalina. And apparently the workspace preferences are not being created properly as i have seen with the WS you sent. So one thing you can try, is:
Open the ~/Library/Preferences/OM/ folder (this is the Library folder in your /Users/me/Library/ home) and just trash the OM 6.20 folder. Then launch again OM to see if it will work. It could be that it was corrupted for some reason. (don’t be afraid no virus!)
And please inform me when you can. There is no reason that this version doesn’t work on your system, since it was reported to me that the 6.20 version works on Monterey.
Unless, you don’t have the correct privileges to read/write where your workspace are. Permissions could have changed while upgrading the OS (?) - so this is also to be explored.


OK, I seem to be a bit further. I think the “ł” character that’s in the error message comes from my audio output name, which is a system device called “głośniki” (internal speakers).
As I had changed the system language I had only logged out and back again, which had not changed the devices names. Now I restarted the system and - it works!
I wonder if it’d cause problem, when I change the language settings back. All the previous OM versions didn’t have that problem. The devices names didn’t also change with the Monterey upgrade. At the moment I am happy with the solution, but I’d love to go back to my native language in the future.
Thank you very much for your help, Karim!
all the best

Dear Krzysztof,

I can understand you well. Many om users don’t use a basic latin language for their mac system. We have many users from China, Korea, Japan, and all over the world. And as you say it would be nice to use our own language system. I will see what i can do about this. It could be that we have to change a lot of code, but it will be worth it.

Thank you for your report and patience.