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Hi Jean & Forum people,

where to find the OM-Fonts ??

Sorry, but I could not find it.

In the download page, we could find:
For a first intallation on Mac, it might be necessary as well to install the OM Fonts in the system fonts folder (/Library/Fonts/)”,

but no link… :(((

did I miss something (besides my English classes) ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Mikhail,

Download the actual version of OM in Forumnet, the fonts are in a folder beside the OM folder


…………………………………………………… jerome

I just opened OM 6.2.2 for the first time in my new computer OSX 10.9 and the fonts are messed up. E.g. instead of noteheads, I see little “h”.
It seems that in my system Library/Fonts I do have all the necessary fonts:

•	omicron.ttf  
•	omheads.ttf  
•	omextras.ttf  
•	omsign.ttf  

and OMAntonin

How could I fix this without downloading a new version of OM?

Thank you for getting back to me, Katharina

Hello Katharina,
you can try newer OM versions (e.g. 6.8) without removing older ones if you don’t want to.
In the recent releases (6.7, 6.8), a Fonts folder is included, in which you can find the font files to copy in Library/fonts/
You can also check that your existing font files’s permissions are permissive for reading at least.

Jean!!! It was the permission I had to change to “read only” and it worked.
I am so glad. Thank you very, very much!!

Hello people, Hello Karim
I’ m having problem to find where to download the OM fonts.
Are they included with the OM installer in 6.16?
thank you very much ,

Hi Jorge,

Yes of course, the fonts are included in OM. If it didn’t install , you could still do it by yourself:

  1. Go to your OM 6.x.app in your Application folder
  2. Right click or Ctrl click on the .app and choose Show Package Contents
  3. Open the Contents folder,
  4. Open Resources folder
  5. there you will find a fonts folder.
  6. Open it and double click the four fonts and click for each one the Install Font button

Maybe you should reboot (not sure of that)
But your fonts should be installed.


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Hi Karim! thank you very much.
all the best, Jorge