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OM Flat Function - Loads as DEAD

Please help!

I have no idea how this happened or what is going on. All patches that I have used the ‘flat’ object in are now loading with a 'DEAD" object. I have made no changes to my system or files since using OM earlier in the week.

When I open the information box on the dead object I see that it is listed as a GENFUN but when I create the object anew it is a LISPFUN. This can be seen in the attached patch entitled “Both Types.”

How can I recover my patches? As of now many abstractions do not work because of the dead funtion. This is horrible… :frowning:

Patch “Voicing Generator” is attached to show an occurence of this corruption in one of my patches as I found it upon opening it.

Both Types.omp (896 Bytes)
Vocing Generator.omp (29.9 KB)


No panic. I have seen this issue, and think it is related to a ‘flat’ from an external library.

Can you send the PC-to-MC patch to check this?


Thank you for the pointer. I hadn’t thought to open OM without any external libraries. The two new ones I had added were Patterns and OMMatrix. Upon enabling them I found that OMMatrix is the cause of this issue.

When it is disabled my ‘Both Types’ loads with two objects - one a lisp function and the other an OM function as expected. When it is enabled the OM object is again declared ‘DEAD.’

Any suggestions on how to fix this or is it best just to not use the library?


I have found one mention of this issue on a Facebook post, but could not click on the post in the Google results (of course) to read more…

PC-to-MC is my own creation and is not the cause - but I have attached it to share what is probably a much too complex way to create a MC value :wink:

PC-to-MC.omp (3.7 KB)

Dear Austin,

Thanx for the feedback.
Will look into it tomorrow and will try to fix the OMMAtrix lib.
Didn’t know about it. Very pretty sure that flat is declared somewhere, and we can bypass this.
Will let you know.


Dear Austin,

Here is the OMMatrix library fixed “flat” issue with also some corrections.This is now compatible with OM.

OMMatrix.zip (223.9 KB)


Thank you Karim,

Was it simply a matter of changing all instances of ‘flat’ to ‘nflat’ in the ommatrix.list file?

Yes indeed. The author of the library redefined the flat method into a flat function.
In principle it is best to create a special package for a library so not to override any built in methods/function in om. But since this library is old and not on any git, i cannot commit any changes, If the author is following us on this thread, i will be happy to help him out in this, and propose to him also to put some tutorial pathces along with his library.

I also did changed the print-partition method that didn’t work.


Great! I’ll reach out to the author using his website and see if I can get him directed to the forum and the library documentation pages for potential inclusion on git.

Hope you have a nice weekend :sun_behind_small_cloud: