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Om# first glimpse

hi all,
I’m still working with om but I tried a bit of om#. of course I didn’t read the manual yet. just assumed that having some previous knowledge would let me start using om#.
but I was surprised by the fact I wasn’t able to find the onset nor selection range that we use to find at the right down corner of a score class. i also see that staff lines are way more thick tan before and this makes it difficult to my eyes. if thickness may be user definable it would be great. also in om, there was a very useful hack that I beg you to port to om#. if the onset information can be added to the selection or displayed params in the side panel it also would be a plus.
one more, at last, has to do with the right-click on a patch. I wouldn’t ask why is not there anymore as I’m probably missing something here. but I really do miss it.
but anyway om# it’s full of new features and are more than welcome.
I think I’ll be changing to om#, but of course I will be promoting all of the om goodness to be included.
thanks again to the team for all their efforts!
best greetings,