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OM Evaluation Returning Nothing

I’m very new to Open Music and I’m trying to analyse a sound file using a patch provided by Goncalo Gato in 2014.

When I input my own sound file and evaluate, it clears the chord-seq and BPF boxes like you see in the picture. I have no idea why this isn’t working.

Here’s some more info that may or may not be relevant:

  • The file is a wav file which is definitely compatible
  • I have the OM-pm2 library and PM2 itself all seemingly working fine
  • I’ve tried messing with the volume threshold, number of partials, etc.
  • It works with an SDIF file plugged straight into the SDIF->Chord-seq boxes
  • This is what the listener says as it loads up: OM > “Initializing SDIF…”
    OM > “File ‘out-files\partials.sdif’ does not exist !”
    OM > “File ‘out-files\chordseqs.sdif’ does not exist !”
    OM > “ompatch ‘demo-0-analysing-sound-samples1 (2)’ was upgraded to OM 7.0”

I hope this makes sense and I haven’t been too stupid.



At first look, the pm2 didn’t apparently work.

Is it possible to send the patch. Working with an image is somehow difficult :slight_smile:


demo-0-analysing-sound-samples1 (2).omp (16.8 KB)

Hopefully that worked. I did have trouble with PM2 as I don’t really know what it is. It appears in my externals tab and I’ve specified the link to be C:\Users\Chris\OM\Libraries\Pm2\bin\pm2.exe



It is exactly what you are supposed to do. Pm2 is a binary that will analyze the sound file and produce the sdiffile.


Ok thanks, that takes that variable out. Any idea why it isn’t working other than that?


Sorry didn’t know it is not working for you. The reason could be that you are using an old OM-pm2 lib. Which version are you using. For me it worked:

OR, you didn’t authorize pm2 on your computer. pm2 is a non free binary from Ircam. (sorry about this).