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OM compiled for Mac with ARM processor

Using an M1 mac with ARM processor causes some problems for OM. The reason is probably that it is running emulated with Rosetta 2.

Are there any plans to compile it natively for new Mac’s with ARM? The trouble we faced was that some patches used extremely long time to open, and to run. It worked (did not crash), but was too slow to be


Dear Anders,

Yes this is on the to do list, once LispWorks releases the Mac ARM’s version.


Hi Karim, Anders,

we have ordered new M1 macbooks so we’ll be able to check soon. Any announcement from Lispworks ?



Hi everybody,

Just wrote to lispworks support. Here is the status:

  • Concerning the “Monterey” issue, there is a patch, that will enable running LW images on Monterey using Rosetta II

  • Now concerning the M1 processor native support, the LW team are working on a “final preparation for the next release of LispWorks that will include native M1 Mac support this year”.

For the time being, you have the choice:

  1. Not upgrading to Monterey
  2. Wait a little the time so i can build an image for Monterey (Rosetta) support. [@Gerard, We don’t need an M1 to build the image using the patch brought to us kindly by the excellent team of LispWorks].
  3. Best solution, MOVE to Linux! :slight_smile: (I know Anders that you already have a long time ago !)


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…around 1997? …

As a new user to Open Music, I am happy to learn that M1 support is on the way! I just wanted to add my two cents:

The issue we faced (referred by Anders above) was on Big Sur, the latest stable MacOS version. Open Music was running through emulated Intel-code via Rosetta2, the translator from Intel to ARM. The same patch worked without flaws on an Intel based Mac.

As a Linux enthusiast myself, I would happily run the project in Linux instead of MacOS, but it would not solve the problem. It is related to ARM vs. Intel and not the operating system. That said, a possible continuation of the migration to ARM for Mac could be to also support ARM based Windows and Linux, which is increasing in popularity due to the power efficiency of the processor.

Regards from Henrik Sundt

Dear Henrik,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes indeed, i did perceive correctly Anders’ request. Just to let you know, that the ARM support, regardless of the OS, is LispWorks related. Lw has already an ARM Linux framework ready since sometime now. However, please note, that this implies to own this, and therefore buy a new license. Same issue with Windows, migrating from 32 to 64 bits. I am aware of your interest in ARM processors and their efficiency. Just to let you know, once LW releases their latest version promised this year, we will have this support on Mac.

Best regards