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OM-Chant problems on OM 6.15

Hi All,

I have realized some errors in using OM Chant 2.3 (I think it is late version) on OM 6.15.
Whatever patch I can run, comprised those of OM Chant tutorials, I receive the error in enclosed screenshot.
Every help will be very appreciated, thank you in advance.




Hi, can you try to remove all *.64xfasl file from your OM-Chant/sources/ directory, ther restart/relmoad the lib ?


Hi Jean,

Thank you very much for fast reply. I have removed all *.64xfasl files, done some tests on patches of mine and Chant tutorials, now it seems to me everything runs perfectly.
Thank you again, ciao


Only if useful, I was forgotten to say that my system is still 10.8.5. Ciao.