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OM can't be compatible with Mac M1 Chip?

Hi again,

Apparently OM is running under Big Sur with a Mac M1 Chip. A colleague just tested it without problems. So it is not related to entitlements.

But just in case, are you running OM under Rosetta 2? if not please do the following:

1- select OM 6.19.app
2- type cmd+i
3- check open like in this following example:

Hoping this will work.


I tried. But there is not the options in my Mac.

This means that rosetta 2 is not installed, therefore, OM will not run because it is an x86/64 bit image. So you will need to install rosetta2. See here:


I installed Rosetta before and the other apps has the option like Safari. I don’t konw why.

Can you send a screenshot of OM info just to see.
and by the way are you administrator of your machine?

yes, and I am.

Yes, very strange indeed.
As soon as i can use a mac m1 i will test this issue. Strange since a fellow developer tested it on this kind of machine and it did work ok with rosetta2.

Sorry about all this inconvenience.


Maybe I think I activated this Mac in Chinese before changing language to English. So like you said it has some font issue. But interesting thing is my older Mac system language is Chinese now and OM can running good. hah.

In all, thanks so much!