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OM and Modalys?

Is there a library that provides an OM7 interface to Modalys ? I’ve found references to MfOM but can’t locate it. Apparently there was also an OM folder in an older version of Modalys, it seems to be gone now.



Dear Dave,

The Modalys library is in the .dmg of the Mac release of Modalys, since Robert is the maintainer. I am attaching it here, Best
Modalys 3.60.zip (611.2 KB)

Thanks, Karim, that got things going for me. :slight_smile:

Does this mean that Modalys is not included in the Windows build of OpenMusic?

Dear b_hagerty,

Modalys doesn’t figure in any OpenMusic build or distribution. It has it’s own build and distribution. You can find it here:
The archive that you find here is just an om modalys library as an interface to Modalys. It can be found in Modaly’s distribution.

Best regards