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OM 7.4 csound OmChroma

can’t launch csound synthesis in Csound library and OmChroma
in Csound it says;
Orchestra: #P"C:/Users/luisa/ytrty/out-files/temcsoundfile.orc"
Score: #P"C:/Users/luisa/ytrty/out-files/temcsoundfile.sco"
Output: #P"C:/Users/luisa/ytrty/out-files/csound-ex.tmp"
:: “C:\Program Files\Csound6_x64\bin\csound.exe” -f -m7 -N -g -b8192 -B8192 -A “C:\Users\luisa\ytrty\out-files\temcsoundfile.orc” “C:\Users\luisa\ytrty\out-files\temcsoundfile.sco” -o “C:\Users\luisa\ytrty\out-files\csound-ex.tmp”
:: csound command: Segmentation violation
Removing files:
OM => #<sound 403005197B>

Dear Tartaro,

Did you try to run Csound only, without OM just to test it?
you have a segmentation error:

I don’t see whar does this means.

Anyhow if you have the possibility also to send the patch and some info of preferences
We can see more clear. It should be some sort of a setup problem.