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OM 7.3 - recovering workspaces error


I’ve just changed my computer, while trying to recover my workspace from OM6.2 - Mac OS 10.12 to OM 7.3 - Mac OS 13.4. there’s à pop up window telling me some files can not be opened due to a wrong architecture.
Work space opens, and no patch or file appears.

Can you guide me to fix this issue ?

Best regards


Dear Marco,

First, did you install the correct install for mac? Are you on m1/2 or Intel?
Second please be advised, any extension involving google drive or dropbox is incompatible with OM. So it you have these installed please disable them (and restart) before using OM.

Please let me know if this works for you.


Dear Karim, my Mac is an M2.
I have no google drive; neither dropbox.

Can you please give me the link to the correct version of OM.

Best regards


Dear Marco,

Here you are:

Please let me know if this works

Dear Karim, still at the same point;, I’ve installed the new version of OM … but workspace doesn’t open.

HI Marco,

Can you post a screenshot from System preferences->Privacy & security-> Extensions
and System preferences->Privacy & security-> Full Disk Access ?

Dear Marco,

Just to know, did you solve your problem?