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OM 7.2 Windows 11

Dear Karim,

I have been helping a student to install OM 7.2. We have two issues that I couldn’t solve:

1- When I try to put a sound into a patch using different methods (drop-in/ load through file-chooser/ or evaluate a sound box), I receive an error message. On the other hand, when I synthesize a sound through OMChroma, it creates the Csound files but again gives the same error message for the sound and doesn’t create the sound file. Could you please assist? I have attached the screenshot.

2-Eventhough if I chose the presentation mode “list” in the preferences. The patches, or subfolders appear as icons, stacked on each other. What could be the reason?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Bengisu,

This issue is resolved in the latest version (7.3) that you can download from here:


Dear Karim,

Thank you very much for the information.